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PH: 541-575-0146 FX: 541-575-0173
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Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (12 -1 pm by appointment only)

District Attorney: Jim Carpenter
Chief Deputy District Attorney: Mara Houck
Legal Assistant: Michele McManama
Legal Assistant: Jamie McKay
Victim Assistance Director: Andrea Officer
Victim Intervention Specialist: Kimberly Neault
Special Investigator: Steve Smartt

The District Attorney's Office has three divisions: Criminal Prosecution, Victim Assistance and Child Support.

The Criminal Prosecution Division is responsible for:
*Preparing and filing formal charges against defendants
*Conducting hearings and trials associated with those charges
*Advising local law enforcement agencies during investigations and obtaining evidence for use in criminal matters.

The Victim Assistance Program is responsible for:
*Responding on scene, when requested, to domestic violence and sexual assault incidents Informing victims of their rights
*Notifying victims of their case status and providing court accompaniment
*Assisting with restitution
*Assisting with restraining orders
*Assisting with Crime Victims' Compensation applications
*Providing referrals to outside agencies, such as social services and community services

The Child Support Division is responsible for:
*Accepting new cases for child support payment and monitoring existing cases
*Collecting child support payments for non-welfare families in Grant County
*Issuing garnishments and contempt to secure payments of court-ordered support obligations.

The District Attorney's Office is not permitted by law to give citizens general legal advice [ORS 8.726]. You must consult a private attorney for those matters.

The District Attorney's Office does not investigate criminal cases. - Please report crimes to local law enforcement as the DA does not gather evidence or interview witnesses.

We have tried to make the information on this web site easily available and understandable. If there is any problem in finding out what you want to know, please e-mail at or call (541) 575-0146.
The mission of the Grant County District Attorney's Victim Assistance Program is to reduce the impact of crime on victims' lives by involving crime victims in a restorative process, promoting victims' rights and providing access to information and resources in a compassionate, responsive, and dedicated manner.

The Victim Assistance Program is under the direction of the District Attorney. Advocates are available to assist you as you go through the criminal justice process.

Services provided by the Victim Assistance Program may include:

Helpful Links:

Crime Victims' Rights
Oregon Crime Victims' Rights
Requesting Crime Victims' Rights
Legal Rights For Crime Victims in Oregon Booklet
What Can I Do If My Rights Are Violated?
Oregon Legal Aid Services

Domestic Violence
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Creating a Safety Plan

Sexual Assault
Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
The Grant County District Attorney's Office child support enforcement worker is Michele McManama, and her email is

We provide the following services:
  • Establish Paternity - Establishing paternity is the legal term for determining the biological father of the child. If a father is not listed on the birth certificate, legal paternity must be established in order to obtain a support order for the child or obtain an order for health care coverage or cash medical support.
  • Establish a Support Order - If paternity is not an issue, the first step in establishing a child support order is to determine the amount of child and medical support to be paid. This is determined by the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are approved by legislation and are used in all child support cases. The Guidelines are based on an income-share formula, in which the incomes of both parents are considered. To estimate how much child support payments may be, the Oregon Child Support Program has created an On-Line Calculator that uses these guidelines.
  • Modify a Support Order - Either party may request a review of their support order amount after 35 months since the last order or if there has been a substantial change of circumstances. Some examples of significant changes are: physical custody of the child has changed, the needs of the child have changed, the number of children involved has changed or the income of one or both of the parents has changed.
  • Collect Support - After you obtain a support order, the DA's Office will try to collect support in various ways, including withholding of wages or other benefits such as unemployment, worker's compensation or retirement. We will automatically intercept any state or federal tax refunds of the non-supporting parent if there is past due support. We may also file contempt proceeding for failing to obey the support order.
  • Interstate Services - When the obligated parent lives in another state, our office will forward a request to the other state to collect support. The DA's office must rely on the other state to handle the case. The DA's office also accepts requests from the custodial parent in another state to collect support from a parent who lives in Oregon.

Q: Who is eligible for Services?
A: Generally, any person who lives in Grant County or whose obligated parent lives in Grant County and any person who has physical custody of a dependent child.

PLEASE NOTE: Child Support payments are NOT accepted at the District Attorney's Office. Instead, please clearly mark your CSP number on the check and mail it to:

Department of Justice
Child Support Program
PO Box 14506
Salem, OR 97309

Child Support Links:
A subpoena requires the attendance of a witness before a court, (ORS 136.555).

  • Check in with the DA staff. Some cases have multiple witnesses and it is important to check in with the DA staff so they can keep the DA informed of who has arrived. In order to get paid the witness and mileage fees you need to fill out the witness register in the DA's office. Per ORS: 44.415(2), you will be paid a witness fee of $5.00 per day and $.43 per mile round trip.
  • Dress comfortably in a neat and tidy manner. Remember court is a formal place and it shows respect to look your best. Wear clean, comfortable, and conservative clothing free of visible pictures, graphics or messages.
  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes early. This will give you time to get oriented and to learn of any last minute changes or instructions.
  • Bring a book or other activity to keep you busy while you wait to testify. In most trials witnesses are not permitted in the courtroom until they're called to testify. The Victim Assistance or DA staff will show you where to wait.
  • Prepare for any medical needs you may have. Court appearances can be unpredictable - if you have special needs due to a medical condition, inform the Victim Assistance/DA Staff about your concerns. If you are diabetic bring snacks in case of delays.
  • Arrange childcare. The courtroom is not an appropriate place for children. If you are nursing or have other special concerns speak to the Victim Assistance/DA Staff about your needs.

  • No hats
  • No food, gum, chewing tobacco, candy, or drink containers
  • No cell phones, pagers, cameras or recording devices
  • No ipods or music playing devices
  • No talking after the judge enters the courtroom
  • No verbal or non-verbal gestures or emotional outbursts
  • No weapons

If you cannot locate your subpoena or have any questions regarding your appearance, please call our main phone number at 541-575-0146 for assistance.
Discovery is the pretrial process by which one party discovers the evidence, i.e. police reports that will be relied upon in the trial by the opposing party.

    • If you have an attorney, or if you are planning to hire an attorney, your attorney must request the police report.
    • Discovery must be requested in writing
    • Discovery is available the day before the arraignment date and must be requested at least 24 hours in advance (Arraignment - a court appearance in which a defendant is made aware of the charges against them and advised of their rights. This is usually the first court appearance after a person is cited or arrested.)
    • Payment is required at the time of pickup (see fee schedule below)
    • Only the defendant may request and pickup discovery
  • ATTORNEYS: Please contact our office to request discovery. We require a Letter of Representation along with the request for discovery in writing. We do accept fax requests, however discovery documents are not faxed in return.

  • Police Reports - $20.00 for Misdemeanor/Violation or Probation Violation cases, $35.00 for Non M-11 Felony cases and $50.00 for M-11 Felony cases.
  • Audio and Photo CD - $10.00
  • DVD - $10.00
  • USB- $15.00
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