201 S HUMBOLT, STE 290
PH: 541-575-1675 FX: 541-575-2248
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Brenda Percy, Grant County Clerk

Office Hours: 8am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday.

The County Clerk is the official keeper of all public records for the County. The Clerk's Office is responsible for processing all real property transactions, plats, Commissioner's Journal documents, Board of Property Tax Appeal petitions and orders for Grant County.

We must decipher complex legal documents, assess technical problems presented by the public and government entities and manage records as prescribed by Oregon Revised Statutes. It analyzes, interprets and applies Federal and State statutes, legal opinions and administrative rules.

In addition to processing all records of public transactions, the Clerks office maintains the microfilm collection that preserves all records and makes this information accessible to the general public.

See the fee schedules page in the menu above for more information about official documents and filing.

Voters: See the elections page in the menu above for more information. CLICK HERE to find out if you are registered to vote!

See also:
Oregon online voter registration
Oregon Elections Division
Oregon Secretary of State
Oregon Vital Records
AS PER ORS 111.075, Jurisdiction of all Probate matters, causes and proceedings is vested in the County Courts of Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman and Wheeler Counties, and in the Circuit Court of all other counties. Deliver all Filings to: Brenda Percy GRANT COUNTY CLERK 201 S. Humbolt Ste. 290 PH: 541-575-1675 FX: 541-575-2248

All fees/amounts below are expressed in $USD


Filing Fees to Initiate Probate Proceedings for: ORS 130.355)
Small Estate filing fee 117.00
Guardianship filing fee 117.00
Trust filing fee 265.00
Filing Fees For Estates/Conservatorships: INVENTORY BASED ORS 21.310(1)
Estate/Conservatorship Filing Fee: UP TO 50,000 265.00
Estate/Conservatorship Value: 50,000-999,999 558.00
Estate/Conservatorship Value: 1,000,000-9,999,999 832.00
Estate/Conservatorship Value: Over 10M 1056.00
Annual or Final Accounting Fees For Estates/Conservatorships
UP TO 50,000 33.00
50,000-999,999 281.00
1,000,000-9,999,999 558.00
Over 10M 1,109.00
Letters: Administration, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Testamentary
AllORS 21.325(8)5.00
Wills w/o Petition for Probate
AllORS 21.310(4)11.00
Answer, Motion, Objection, Request for Summary Determination/Notice
AllORS 125.060(4)26.00
AllORS 21.310(5)26.00
Claimant Request for Summary Determination
AllORS 21.310(5)265.00
Trustee Petition to Determine Creditor Claims
AllORS 21.310(5)265.00
Name Change
All 111.00
All Other Fillings
Appearance in Estate Proceeding 265.00
Appearance in Conservatorship Proceeding 252.00
Appearance in Guardianship Proceeding 111.00
Register Foreign Conservatorship/GuardianshipORS 125.845117.00
Petition for Summary Determination 265.00
Affidavit Destruction of WillORS 112.820117.00
Objection for Respondent or Protected Person 0.00
Objection to Appointment of Temporary Fiduciary or to Temporary Fiduciary's Authority 0.00
Certified Copies of Letters 7.75 + .25/pg


Call for recording fees. 541-575-1675.

Effective January 1, 2012, For uniformity and consistency in the application of ORS 205.234 the FIRST page shall contain the following information:

3 x 3 inch area in the upper right hand corner of the 1st page for recording information.

Name(s)of transactions(s): A document must be clearly labeled in sufficient detail to enable the clerk to record the instrument in the appropriate record. ORS 205.236;

Names of the parties: All documents submitted for recording, including cover sheets or multiple titled documents, must contain the names of all parties (direct and indirect) on the first page of the document. ORS 205.125(1)(a) and (b) and 205.160 (Addresses are not required but requested)
If the cover sheet lists multiple titles (as with foreclosure documents) the cover sheet must list all titles and under each title the grantor/direct names(s) and grantee/indirect name(s) must also be listed. Documents that list only the original grantor's name and the name of the beneficiary or trustee on the cover sheet but fail to list the direct and indirect names to each of the additional documents will be assessed the $20 non-standard penalty. ORS 205.327;

Return To information: The name and address of the person to whom the recorded document is to be returned (ORS 205.180);

Names of assignee: For documents assigning a mortgage or trust deed the name of the assignee must be listed on the first page. ORS 205.234(1)(g);

Consideration: For documents conveying or contracting to convey title to any real estate and all memorandums of such documents, the true and actual consideration paid for such transfer. ORS 93.030;

Clerks Lien Record: For documents recorded in the Clerk's Lien Record the amount of any monetary obligation, the name(s) of all debtors, and the recording reference of any lien claim is being satisfied. ORS 205.125(1)(c)(d)
REVISED: August 24, 2011 per SB 382 Oregon Legislative Session 2011

Minimum Standard for document specifications: ORS 205.234 Instruments must be printed on sheets of paper not larger than 14 inches long and 8 � inches wide with text printed or written in 8 point type. The paper must be of sufficient quality for recording photographically. Non-standard fee of $20.00 if not in compliance.

20 lots or less - $100.00
21 through 29 - $150.00
30 through 49 - $200.00
50 through 74 - $250.00
75 through 100 - $300.00
Over 100 - $350.00

Partition Plat:
3 lots or less - $45.00
4 or more - $45.00 plus $5.00 per parcel

Marriage License - $50.00
Waiver - $10.00
Declaration of Domestic Partnership - $50.00

Sent Images (FTP, Email, etc)
Location Fee - $3.75 plus shipping and handling $1.50
Plus $0.50 per Image of microfilm or $0.25 from copy machine

Candidates Filing Fee: SEE CLERK
List of Registered Voters:
Set up Fee - $12.50
Voter Registration/Walking list - $0.05 (per voter)
Voter Registration Address Labels:
Set up Fee - $12.50
Voter Registration/Walking list - $0.10 (per voter)

*All Recordings:
ORS 205.320 (4b) Recording fee of $5.00 per side of each page
ORS 205.323 $10.00 Revenue fee applies to all real property documents
ORS 205.323 OLIS applies to all documents except satisfactions of judgments, DD214
ORS 203.148 (2) $10.00 Public Land Corner Preservation fee for recording all real property documents listed in ORS 205.130
ORS 205.320 (12) $5.00 for each additional assignment, satisfaction, or release included in one document
ORS 234 $20.00 Non Standard Instrument fee (in addition to all other regular recording fees)
ORS 205.236 $5.00 for each additional instrument that includes two or more transactions
ORS 517.220 Mining Claims $5.00 for each additional claim after the first

Sent Images (FTP, email, etc)
Location $3.75 plus sh & h $1.50
Set Up Fee $12.50
Plus $0.50 Per Image of microfilm, or $0.25 from copy machine


3 x 3 inch area in the upper right hand corner of the 1st page for recording information.

ORS 205.234 Instruments must be printed on sheets of paper not larger than 14 inches long and 8 1/2 inches wide with text printed or written in 8 point type. The paper must be of sufficient quality for recording photographically. Non standard fee of $20.00 if not in compliance.

Ors 205.244 Requirements for first page of instruments to be recorded cover sheet. First page shall contain at least.
1. Name of transactions
2.Names of parties (grantor, grantee, etc)
3.Names and address where tax statement is to be sent (where required)
4.Names and address where document is to be returned
5.Consideration paid (where required)
6.For Lien records, information required by ORS 205.125 (1C & e)

ORS 205.244 All documents presented for re-recording must have the following statement on the first page:

Re-recorded to correct_____________ (Reason) _______previously recorded on Reel or instrument #__________________and Page __________.

Oregon laws 1999, Chapter 654, Section 14 provides that only those documents required or permitted by law to be recorded may be accepted for recording.


Candidates for the following nonpartisan offices may be elected to office at the Primary:

County Judge – 6 year term (Current: Scott Myers) candidates need to file with the Secretary of State office.

District Attorney – 4 year term (Current: Jim Carpenter) candidates need to file with the Secretary of State office.

County Commissioner #1 – 4 year term (Current: Boyd Britton)

Justice of the Peace – 6 year term (Current: Kathy Stinnett)

Candidates for the following nonpartisan offices will be nominated at the Primary and elected at the November 7, 2018 General Election:

County Clerk – 4 year term (Current: Brenda Percy)

Forms and manuals are available on-line at the Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division @ Forms are also available at the Clerk’s Office located in the County Courthouse at 201 S Humbolt Street, Canyon City, OR. Please call 541-575-1675 if you have questions.

Oregon online voter registration
Oregon Elections Division
CLICK HERE to find out if you are registered to vote!

As the chief election official, the County Clerk must check ballot measures for timeliness and see that the measure is worded as required by law. The Clerks office plans, coordinates and conducts all elections in Grant County . It ensures that elections are conducted according to statute and other related requirements.
It directs the preparation and maintenance of records related to voting activities, precincting, polling places, mailing and voter and candidate services. The Clerk's Office provides uniformity in the application, operation, and interpretation of election laws and assures that the public is provided complete and accurate information.

*Ballots must be received by 8pm on Election Day. For Unofficial election results visit

Ballot drop site locations available April 30, 2014:

Grant County Courthouse
201 S Humbolt Suite 290
Canyon City, OR 97820
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
Election Day 7am-8pm

Grant County Public Library
507 S Canyon Blvd
Monday 1pm-5pm
Tuesday 10am-12pm, 1pm-7pm
Wednesday 1pm-5pm
Thursday 1pm-5pm , 7pm-9pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 1pm-5pm
Election Day 12pm-8pm

Senior Citizens Center
142 NE Dayton
Monday and Thursday 7am-3pm
Election Day 7am-8pm

City of Mt Vernon
199 West Main
Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm
Election Day 9am-8pm

City of Prairie City
133 S Bridge
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Election Day 9am-8pm

To obtain a marriage license each applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age (or 17 years old with parent or legal guardian's approval).

There is a three (3) day waiting period before a license may be used and is valid for sixty (60) days after the effective date. THE LICENSE ISSUED IS VALID ONLY IN THE STATE OF OREGON.

Each applicant must appear in person and bring a valid driver's license. If you do not have a valid driver's license please call us regarding acceptable forms of identification.

There are no blood tests required.

The cost for the license is $50.00.

See the Declaration of Domesic Partnership Registration for more.
The following information needs to be brought to the County Clerks Office:

1. Completed Passport Application (DS-11);
2. Appropriate Fees;
3. Two current passport photographs (2x2);
4. Valid driver's license or identification card (Children under 18 can use parent's ID), and
5. Birth Certificate (Hospital Record is NOT acceptable).

For a list of agencies issuing birth certificates, see also:
Oregon Vital Records

For more information and requirements you may need, see:
Oregon Passport Services
Petitions to the Board of Property Tax Appeals must be filed with the County Clerk. Mail or deliver your petition to:

Grant County Clerk
201 S. Humbolt, Suite 290
Canyon City, OR 97820

You may also obtain petition forms at the above address.

Tax Appeal Forms/Document Downloads

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