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The structure of the Grant County government in the early days of Oregon changed frequently as the settlers experimented with various arrangements. Administrative powers were transferred from the supreme court to circuit courts and then to district courts which were renamed county courts in 1845.

Provisions were made for county courts when the Territory of Oregon was established in 1848. In general during the 1850s the county court became more of an administrative body, and the tendency was to separate administrative and judicial functions. After statehood in 1859, the Oregon Constitution provided that the county court be composed of a county judge, who served as chairman of the county court when transacting county business, and two elected county commissioners. The county clerk served as ex-officio clerk of the court.

By the early 1960s most county courts no longer held judicial power (probate functions were transferred to the circuit court). The current county court acts as the governing body for the county, various service districts, councils, and committees. It is responsible for county administration, management, and policy. The court prepares and adopts county and service district budgets and provides administrative services, support, and liaison to service districts, cities, public agencies, organizations, the Oregon Legislative Assembly, and federal and state officials. It is responsible for conducting public meetings, hearings, road vacations, private and public land sales and exchanges as well as enacting ordinances, orders, contracts, leases, and other legal agreements.
Scott W. Myers, County Judge
1.0 FTE
First Elected: 2013
Term Expires: 2019
First Elected: Commissioner 2001

Jim Hamsher, Commissioner
0.33 FTE
First Elected: 2016
Term Expires: 2020

Boyd Britton, Commissioner
0.33 FTE
First Elected: 2003
Term Expires: 2019
JUNE 14, 2017

Attendees are asked to set cell phones to “vibrate” before entering the meeting

The court reserves the right to recess to Executive Session as may be required any time during this meeting ORS 192.660(2). Special arrangements for disabled accessibility may be requested by contacting the County Court in advance.

9:00 am Call to Order, Flag Salute, and Invocation

9:05 am Agenda Review, Announcements and Special Reports

9:10 am Approve the June 6th Minutes

9:15 am A. County Budget Hearing

10:15 am B. Ted Williams, Emergency Management
Review & approve emergency operations plan

10:45 am C. Hilary McNary, Planning Director
Request waiver of County Ordinance 92-03

11:15 am D. Mindy Winegar, Fair Manager
Request court approval for a temporary RV dump site for eclipse

GENERAL ORDERS – will be discussed as time allows
E. Review AOC dues for 2017-2018
F. Review & approve Resolution 17-10 for budget transfer - elections
G. Review & approve Resolution 17-11 for budget transfer – domestic violence
H. Review & approve Resolution 17-12 for budget transfer - sheriff
I. Review & approve renewal maintenance agreement for Clerk’s copier
J. Review & approve Rock Quarry Lease with Holliday Land & Livestock
K. Review request for smart phone for emergency management
L. Review & sign letter of support for Special Diabetes Program renewal
M. Review & approve contracts - 1188 Brewing for BMW Rally, Stockgrowers beer garden for Fair and Eclipse

1:30 pm Extension & 4H Service District Budget Hearing

The court will approve Claims on June 21, 2017 at 8:00 am.

The next regularly scheduled County Court meeting will be June 28, 2017.
Grant County's governing body, the Grant County Court, holds a regular business meeting on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month in the County Courtroom on the main floor of the Courthouse in Canyon City.

Requests to be placed on the County Court Agenda must be made in writing and received by the County Court office the week before the requested meeting date. Requests should include the presenter's name, title, agency or organization, mailing address, phone number(s) and a complete description of the purpose for appearing at the meeting. Explanations should include all points of discussion and / or details of any request with the associated documents attached. Contact the County Court office to obtain an Agenda Request Form. Completed forms will be accepted by US mail, fax, email, or delivery to:

Grant County Court
201 S. Humbolt St., No. 280, Canyon City, OR 97820
P: 541-575-0059
F: 541-575-0065

Agenda requests are due by noon Friday, or Thursday if Monday is a legal holiday the week before the scheduled court meeting. Court Agendas are finalized Monday; Tuesday morning prior to the court meeting, the agenda is posted to the county's website and publicized by notice to the Blue Mountain Eagle newspaper, KJDY radio, and individuals on the Court Agenda distribution list. Please call or email with any questions. Thank you.

The court reserves the right to recess to Executive Session as may be required any time during this meeting ORS 192.660(2). Special arrangements for handicap accessibility may be requested by contacting the County Court in advance.
Individuals interested in serving on a Grant County committee are encouraged submit an Application To Volunteer to the County Court office. Current volunteers who are no longer able to serve in their appointed position are encouraged to send a letter of resignation to the County Court office.

Obtain an Application To Volunteer by contacting:
County Court, 201 S. Humbolt St, No. 280, Canyon City OR 97820
P: 541-575-0059
F: 541-575-0065

Grant County strives to maintain diversity among committee membership with regard to age, gender, location of residency, and profession.

Grant County Court oversees and maintains all of the volunteer groups listed in the next paragraph. Each is a formal public body required to comply with Oregon Public Meetings Law ORS 192.610. Some public bodies are required by Oregon Revised Statutes and others were established by the County Court.

Grant County Regional Airport Commission, County Budget Committee, College Advisory Board, Grant County Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council, Grant County Extension & 4H Service District Budget Committee, Fair Board, Library Advisory Board, Mental Health Advisory Board, County Planning Commission, Road Advisory Board, Senior Citizens Advisory Council, Transient Room Tax Review Committee, and Wildlife Advisory Board.

Vacancies are advertised in the local newspaper on a quarterly basis and appointments are considered by the County Court as part of that process. Exceptions may be made at the court's discretion when an immediate appointment is needed to obtain a quorum.

Public bodies are responsible for complying with Oregon Public Meeting Laws, being aware of the terms of its members, and keeping the County Court informed of committee activities and vacancies by submitting meeting minutes to the County Court office. Committee chairs, their designees, or a department staff member may make recommendations to the County Court regarding committee appointments.
Department: Grant County Regional Airport

Job Title: Airport Attendant

Days and Hours: Varies – average 19.5 hours per week (regular part time)

Salary: $12 per hour with no county benefits

Job Duties: Responsible for fueling aircraft, handling cash and credit card transactions, mowing grass lawns and removing weeds from landscaping, supervision of public and private events, meetings, trainings, use of airport facilities, and responding to the needs and requests of airport patrons. Applicants must be able to maintain the terminal facility in an organized fashion and perform tasks such as sweeping floors, cleaning and stocking restrooms and other light housekeeping. Operate snowplows, lawn mowers, tractor, pickup trucks and small hand tools, light vehicle equipment operation and maintenance, and Unicom radio operations and terminology.

Screening Requirements: Minimum 18 years of age, high school graduate or equivalent life experience. Possess or ability to obtain a valid Oregon Driver’s License. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and work outdoors in all types of weather.

Date Issued: June 22, 2017

Obtain a Grant County Employment Application and job description at the Grant County Courthouse, Human Resource Office, 201 S. Humbolt Street, Suite 280, Canyon City, OR 97820. 541-575-0059.

Closing Date and Time: Open until filled.

Grant County is an AA/EEOE and complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
Commissioner Meeting Minutes are in Microsoft Word format. Minutes are available to the general public after review and approval by motion of the County Court. Review and approval of the preceding week's minutes is done during the weekly business meeting.

Each year of meeting minutes, organized by month going back to 2009, is now available at this location.
Select the year to review

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