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Grant County government operates in accordance with the Oregon Revised Statues, and the Oregon Constitution which was ratified by the people of Oregon in November 1857.

Grant County is one of eight Oregon counties with a County Court system of government. Grant County Court is comprised of a full time County Judge and two 0.33 FTE County Commissioners who are responsible for all executive and legislative matters, with some limited judicial responsibilities falling to the County Judge. County Court functions as the Contract Review Board for Grant County and is the sole contracting authority for county government. County Court is the governing body of the Grant County Extension & 4H Service District. Court members comprise one-half of the County Budget Committee and one-half of the Grant County Extension & 4H Service District Budget Committee.

County government delivers a variety of public services to its citizens throughout the county. It is the County Court's responsibility to oversee the delivery of services to the citizens through each of its departments ranging from administrative and human services to legal and public services.

Attendees are asked to turn cell phones to "vibrate" before entering the meeting

8:00 am Call to Order, Flag Salute, and Invocation
8:05 am Agenda Review, Announcements and Special Reports
8:10 am Approve the Minutes of April 9
8:20 am Opportunity for the public to comment
8:30 am Sue Horn, Road Master
Request signature, 2014 Quote and Specifications for chip seal oil, distrbutor, and freight
Request signature, 2014 Oregon Federal Lands Access Program Preventative Maintenance Proposal for the Middle Fork Road CR 20 Chip Seal Project
Review and discuss the county's existing Rock Sales Policy
9:00 am Kathy Stinnett, Justice of the Peace
Request approval to install a donated Secure Payment Drop Box next to the Justice Court security window
Discuss the Alternate JP Pro-Tem resignation and appointment of a new Alternate JP Pro-Tem
Request approval to attend the National Judicial College in Reno NV June 2 - 12
9:30 am Mary Weaver, RV Park Manager
Discuss the idea of contracting services for operation and maintenance of the RV Park in John Day
Discuss proposal to request an extension of the comment period for the Blue Mountains Revised Forest Management Plan and draft EIS
Discuss proposed plan to contract for jail nursing / medical services beginning May 1, 2014
Review and sign, IGA No. 4712 with Oregon Department of Corrections to provide short term housing of state inmates
Consider applications submitted by volunteers to serve on the Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council

Meetings are handicapped accessible. The County Court Office can arrange special accommodations in advance. Pursuant to ORS 192.660(1) the court reserves the right to recess to Executive Session as may be required any time during this meeting.

Grant County Court's weekly agenda is finalized on Monday and publicized electronically on Tuesday morning by notice to the Blue Mountain Eagle newspaper, KJDY radio, and individuals on the agenda distribution list. If Monday is a legal holiday, the agenda is finalized the preceeding Friday.

Requests to be placed on the County Court Agenda must be in writing, and received by the County Court Office the week before the requested meeting date. Requests should include a complete explanation of the purpose for appearing before the County Court and all associated details and / or documentation that supports the request. Please include the presenter's name, title, agency, complete mailing address, and phone number(s).

Mail: County Court, Courthouse, 201 S. Humbolt St., No. 280, Canyon City OR 97820
Phone: 541-575-0059
Fax: 541-575-0065
Regular business meetings of the Grant County Court are held at 9:00 am each Wednesday in the County Courtroom at the Grant County Courthouse in Canyon City. Meetings are open to the public and handicapped accessible. Contact the County Court Office at 541-575-0059 to make arrangements for special accommodations if necessary.

The County Judge presides over the court's weekly business meetings, special meetings, public hearings, and appeal hearings. The County Judge acts as Chair of the local Emergency Food & Shelter Board and the Gertrude L. McRae Scholarship Committee, and is the Grant Washeshed Representative to Oregon Department of Enviornmental Quality concerning solid waste and recycling matters.

The County Court functions as Grant County's Contract Review Board and Board of Directors for Grant County Extension & 4H Service District. Court members comprise one-half of the Grant County Budget Committee and one-half of the Grant County Extension & 4H Service District Budget Committee. County Court is represented on the Community Connections of Northeast Oregon Board of Directors, Northeast Oregon Housing Authority Board of Directors, Southeast Regional Alliance / Area Commission on Transportation, and Regional Workforce Investment Board.
Scott W. Myers (R) FTE 1.0 First Elected (2013) Term Expires (2019)
Grant County Judge

Chris B. Labhart (R) FTE 0.33 First Elected (2013) Term Expires (2017)
Grant County Commissioner

Boyd Britton (R) FTE 0.33 First Elected (2003) Term Expires (2015)
Grant County Commissioner
Grant County Court makes appointments and accepts resignations of many local volunteers willingly to serve on various committees, boards and commissions within county government. On a quarterly basis, the court considers letters of application and letters of resignation submited in writing by local volunteers. Exceptions may be made at the court's descretion when an immediate appointment is necessary in order to obtain a quorum. Vacancies are advertised each quarter in the local newspaper. Letters should be directed to the County Court Office, 201 S. Humbolt Street, No. 280, Canyon City OR 97820. Letters of application and resignation must include the volunteer's name, complete mailing address, and phone number(s). Grant County strives to maintain diversity among committee membership with regard to age, gender, location of residency, and profession.

Local volunteers currently serve on the Grant County Regional Airport Commission, Budget Committee, College Advisory Board, Grant County Extension & 4H Service District Advisory Council, Grant County Extension & 4H Service District Budget Committee, Fair Board, Forestland Classification Committee, Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic Advisory Committee, Library Advisory Board, Mental Health Advisory Board, Grant County Planning Commission, Riparian & Water Management Board, Road Advisory Board, Senior Citizens Advisory Council, Transient Room Tax Review Committee, and Wildlife Advisory Board.

Committees shall be aware of the terms of its members and keep the County Court informed of vacancies and committee activities by submitting meeting minutes to the County Court office. Committee chairs, their designees, or a staff member may make recommendations to the County Court regarding committee appointments.

Pursuant to notice made to the newspaper of general circulation throughout Grant County, the radio station in Grant County and e-mail distribution list, a regular meeting of the County Court was held at the County Courthouse in Canyon City OR.

9:00 am -- Call to Order. Present were Judge Scott W. Myers, Commissioners Boyd Britton and Chris B. Labhart, Secretary Mary Ferrioli, Jim Sproul, Hank Lissman, and Chaplain Ritchie Colbeth. A Pledge of Allegiance was given to the United States flag. The invocation was given by Chaplain Colbeth.

AGENDA. MSP: Myers/Britton -- to accept the agenda with the addition of discussion on passing an emergency Ordinance establishing a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries.

Britton had chaired the NEACT/SEACT meeting recently held at the airport.

Labhart attended a LCAC meeting last Wednesday, Gary Delaney's retirement party last Friday, the Dowdy dinner/auction last Saturday, the Senior Citizens meal in John Day last Monday, and the Budget Committee meeting yesterday. He will attend Budget Committee meetings today and tomorrow and the GEODC board meeting on Friday. This Sunday he would attend the Old West Federal Credit Union annual meeting in John Day and the Candidates Forum at the Mt. Vernon Grange. Labhart will attend the Budget Committee meeting on Monday and the Senior Citizens meal in Monument on Tuesday.

Myers attended the Pie Social for Gary Delaney last Friday, and would attend Budget Meetings. Tuesday he will be in La Grande for a NEOHA annual business meeting.

MINUTES. MSP: Britton/Myers -- to approve the March 26 minutes as amended.

PUBLIC COMMENT. An opportunity was given for the public to comment. Jim Sproul confirmed the county's position was "Co-Convener" with regard to the Forest Plan Revision. He urged the court to take action with an official position, as an equal partner in this process.

9:15 am - Hal Smith entered

Britton said he was tired of Sproul trying to intimidate the court and saying they should stand up and take action. He pointed out the diligent work the County Court has been doing over the past 11 years to improve this situation. Labhart told Sproul he doesn't see him as having "any skin in the game" i.e. in the public process such as serving on the Public Forest Commission.

Budget Committee member Hal Smith asked if the county was aware the Sheriff is proposing a program to put 25 deputized volunteers on the public forest in Grant County. This information is in the Spring Issue of Oregon State Sheriff Association Magazine. Smith felt the Sheriff had an obligation to inform the court about this; and he was concerned about the public liability. Britton said he contributes to that organization, but didn't recall seeing that particular article.

9:30 am -- Kathy Cancilla, Ralph Odell, Lucas Hecht, Rebecca Deetsman entered
OYCC. OYCC Advisory Committee Chair Kathy Cancilla provided an informational report about the overall function and primary focus of the Oregon Youth Conservation Corp and its annual activities. Cancilla described the difference between the year-round program and summer program. She talked about the current funding decrease for summer youth programs, the strict application guidelines, and the process of committee screening and recommendations made to the Advisory Board. Cancilla expressed concern about the Governor's Task Force that is proposing to "streamline" the program by moving the OYCC program / natural resource projects into the Oregon Employment Department. At Britton's request, Cancilla agreed to draft a letter for the court to sign in support of maintaining the current structure of the OYCC.

Cancilla was accompanied by Long Creek students Ralph Odell, Lucas Hecht, and Rebecca Deetsman. Each student contributed to the PowerPoint presentation "A Journey into Nature" about various natural resource-related projects of the Long Creek High School youth. The presentation included a Turkey Trapping project conducted in cooperation with ODF&W, along with their Willamette River field trip. It was noted Mr. Hecht was an exchange student from Germany.

10:20 am -- Ashley McClay, Richard Gray and Kathy Smith entered

VICTIM ASSISTANCE. Victim Assistance Program Director Ashley McClay requested approval to Sub-Grant with the City of John Day to provide Law Enforcement Investigator services. John Day Police Chief Richard Gray was present. John Day Police Officer Mike Durr would be providing 0.25 FTE Investigator services associated with the VAWA Rural Grant. McClay said the Contract was necessary due to termination of the contract between the Sheriff's Office and Prairie City since it may potentially create supplanting issues in violation of the grant agreement. McClay also requested approval of a revised MOU with Heart of Grant County, DHS Child Welfare Division, Mt. Emily Safe Center, Blue Mountain Hospital, Oregon State Police, and John Day Police Department to facilitate collaboration on the Rural Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Assistance Program Grant. During discussion Budget Committee member Hal Smith pointed out dynamics involved with Mike Durr providing investigating services. Given the history, he wanted to make sure there's oversight for cooperation by the Sheriff in working with Officer Durr, who ran against the Sheriff two cycles ago and Chief Gray in the last election cycle. McClay explained the safeguards that are in place to provide a good cooperative working environment for all parties involved in the program. Labhart concurred with Smith's concern about cooperation among policing agencies. Britton pointed out that officer Durr's experience as a detective and investigator is recognized by all the effected agencies. When asked about the importance of the contract, Gray said the city would not be able to hire Officer Mike Durr without the existence of this contract. MSP: Myers/Britton - to authorize Judge Myers to sign the MOU with Heart of Grant County, DHS Child Welfare Division, Mt. Emily Safe Center, Blue Mountain Hospital, Oregon State Police, and John Day Police Department. MSP: Labhart/Myers-- to authorize Judge Myers to sign the Contract with City of John Day and the termination letter for the Victim Assistance Program VAWA Rural Grant.

BUDGET RESOLUTION. The court reviewed and signed Resolution 14-07 Making Transfer from Contingency / General Fund in the amount of $4,900.00 to Sheriff Capital Outlay-Equipment for a City-County Insurance reimbursement grant to purchase video cameras for the Sheriff's Office. MSP: Labhart/Myers -- to sign Resolution 14-07 as presented.

RESOLUTION. The court reviewed and signed Resolution 14-08 Declaring a Local Disaster and Request to Declare a State Drought Emergency for Grant County. Court members also signed a letter to the State of Oregon to request supplemental assistance to be provided by the state and federal government. MSP: Myers/Labhart -- to sign Resolution 14-08 and letter to Governor Kitzhaber's office as presented.

EOCCO. The court reviewed and signed a letter of support for the Eastern Oregon Cooperative Care Organization "Grant County Healthy Together Project" project associated with using available Transformation Grant funds. Labhart explained the Strawberry Wilderness Clinic and Local Community Advisory Committee are submitting a grant that will include this letter of support that does not involve county funds. Myers had recited the letter prior to signature.

TITLE 2. Court members discussed Britton's additional comments to the Northeast Oregon Resource Advisory Committee about the county's funding recommendation for 2014 proposed Title 2 Projects. Final totals for full finding were confirmed. Labhart determined recommended figures to be $26,500 for the NFJD Noxious Weed Project, $69,926 for the Firewise Project, and $121,770 for the Collaborative Project, and $165,000 for the Consultation Efficiencies project. It was noted in Britton's letter that if funding is left over it would go to the Landscape Project. MSP: Labhart/Britton - to send the letter with the final figure adjustments.

11:00 am - Lane Burton entered

TRANSIENT ROOM TAX. Assessor Lane Burton appeared in court to report that he has received the annual Chamber of Commerce report for Transient Room Tax. He felt it was working well and would provide a copy to the court once he has a chance to review figures.

AOC DUES. The court considered an Association of Oregon Counties invoice for 2014 membership dues totaling $20,687.75. Voluntary amounts include $289.48 for PERS Alliance, $74.09 for Video Lottery Defense Fund and $185.75 for Veterans Fund. It was noted the cost of annual dues is substantially higher than in the previous years. Labhart wanted to see the county pay the new Veteran's Committee dues. Britton agreed with that and added that the forest and public lands dues can come from the Road Department. Myers agreed that was an appropriate use of Road funds. Britton said that AOC supports the IRIS program the Road Department uses, so a portion of AOC general dues could also come from Road funds. MSP: Labhart/ Britton - to pay from the Road Department a $2,000 portion of the AOC General Fund dues, the Public Lands dues of $9,070.18 and Forest Management Sub-committee dues of $5,641.82 -- with Veterans Committee dues of $185.75 and the $3,612.18 balance of General Fund dues coming from the General Fund.

RC&D DUES. Court members considered a dues invoice for continued support of Columbia Blue Mountain RC&D totaling $225.00. Economic Development Coordinator Sally Bartlett continues to represent Grant County on the council during meetings held by teleconference in April and October of each year. MSP: Britton/Myers - to pay the $225.00 RC&D dues for 2014 from the General Fund.

ORDINANCE. The court considered an opportunity to take emergency action before May 1, 2014 and pass an emergency Ordinance establishing a moratorium on medical marijuana facilities. Labhart previously provided a copy of the emergency Ordinance recently passed in Jackson County. It was suggested that the county's legal counsel be asked to prepare the

appropriate document based on SB 1531 passed in the 2014 Special Legislative Session. The ordinance would be reviewed and signed once it has been provided by legal counsel.

11:25 am -- Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary R. Ferrioli
County Court Secretary
Comment on the Forest Plan
Surveys and Tax Lots
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